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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Situation Diffused? No Chance!

Ahead of the season opener at Melbourne it has been announced that Ferrari, Renault and RBR have lodged protests over the diffuser designs being used by Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota. I say swallow that bitter pill fellows and realise you have been out designed for a change.....


At 15:40 (local time) Jo Bauer declared that all the cars are in compliance with the regulations. At 19:10 the FIA confirmed that Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull had lodged a complaint about the diffusors of Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams. Well a complaint, the protesting teams keep calling it a request for clarification of the regulations...

BMW Sauber wanted to protest as well but their complaint was rejected because it was formulated in an imprecise way. The FIA said: ''The complaint was insufficient, there were no specific objections in it.'' Before BMW Sauber was able to try again the two hour deadline was over. McLaren decided not to complain, they feel they first have to solve the problems of their own car.

But they do have an opinion, Whitmarsh: ''At the moment unfortunately I can't tell the aerodynamicists in which direction they should develop. We need regulations that are the same and consistent for everyone.''

''Now the FIA quickly has to make a decision as to who will have to modify the car, the majority or the minority.''

The FIA will make sure that the protesting teams won't figure out how the diffusers work they're complaining against. Whiting: ''In cases like that we always keep an eye on teams not getting to know anything (technical) from other teams.''

Ecclestone declared that with this row the unity of the FOTA is in danger but Theissen denies: ''We continue to act in concert as far as the future of Formula 1 is concerned. The diffuser argument is something very much of today. It's part of the competition.''

If the diffusers are deemed illegal then the teams will be using it in any case. Brawn: ''Even if the appeal goes against us at a later stage, no one will be able to take away our points. We have to be able to rely on what the stewards tell us. At the moment, for us they're the final authority.''

Otherwise (the worst case scenario) Brawn GP, Toyota and Williams will have to be modifying their diffusers overnight. Michael: ''That would certainly have a big influence on our laptimes, because it would only be a provisionary action.''

Horner on the difficulty of copying the concept: ''It's not so easy to copy this diffuser. That costs a pretty penny because big modification measure are necessary for that.''

The above statement is courtesy of AFCA over on the autosport forum.

The protesting teams have appealed and this will be heard after 5 April.The initial verdict was delivered after a six-hour hearing with the stewards presiding over Sunday's Australian Grand Prix rejecting the complaint.An appeal was lodged and this will be heard following next weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix

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