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Thursday, 19 March 2009

All Change - Rules, Budget Caps, Media

With Melbourne so close I was staggered to see the rule change in regards to the Drivers Championship. Rightly so it has caused anger across the board and no more so than with the fans. Certain aspects of the sport I appreciate need working on but this is crazy it's a case of it aint broken so don't fix it surely? If you didn't already know the driver's championship will be decided by most race wins, should it be a tie it will still come down to points.
The FIA also announced the introduction of Budget caps for the 2010 season, just like KERS it's not compulsary but will give the teams involved more artistic license on some technical aspects. So what's the cap I hear you say. $30 Million yes thats right a meagre $30 million.
With this year being the last for us to see refueling it has been decided that the media will be allowed access to the vehicle weights after qualification giving us a good indicator as to what fuel is being run by each team.

So what are your thoughts to the recent announcments?

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