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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Just why is the BrawnGp car looking so fast?

Since day one of the Barcelona tests speculation has mounted over just why the Brawn GP car appears to be so quick. With the Jerez test coming up tomorrow I thought I'd make a few comments about why I believe the car has such raw pace. (As i don't believe the speculation in regards to the car being deliberately made under weight or over revving)

Obviously everyone knows that we aren't running KERS so thats 35KG's that can be utilised across the entire spectrum of the car. Remember everyone is having problems with their rear tyres. Have your heard BrawnGp complaining of this? Using most of that 35kg ballast at the front end of the car would relieve pressure from the rear eliminating graining issues. This would also give the car better maneuverability as the extra weight at the front would only result in understeer at worst which is much easier to control than oversteer.

Without KERS we also have no need for large sidepods, so smaller ones have been employed to meet the needs of just the engine.

Without KERS we have no design limitations on the size of the fuel tank, where as others are having to compromise their tank sizes/shapes to accommodate their KERS systems. This in turn means we could actually use fuel as ballast (Remember the controversy of 2006 anyone) this time much within the rules I would imagine if this is possible.

Design: There are many features to the BGP001 that are different to other cars, namely the design of the front wing. We also have a rear diffuser to aid in airflow from front to back. The steering rack has also been positioned lower inline with the wishbones in yet another attempt to disrupt the airflow less.

Mercedes engine: The least an engine can weigh defined by the regulations is 95kg, imagine if the Honda power unit weighed 105kg (Even at 1kg it would be 1kg of extra ballast). That means the car would have been designed around that initial tolerance giving the additional saving now to move around the car as ballast.

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