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Sunday, 15 March 2009

15th March - Jerez Testing - Brawn GP

Good morning Brawn GP Fans, today the team is at Jerez focusing on the last few days of testing before all the teams converge on Melbourne.

New livery has appeared on the rear section of the car, not sponsorship but the logo.

Rumour around the paddock is that Fernando's Renault had a suspension failure

Don't be scared to let us know what your thinking and post on the blog!

17.00 - And that concludes the session, thank you for visiting the site today and please keep checking back for updates. I'll do an analysis post later too. Rubens completed 121 laps today and his best time was 1:21.235 posted in the latter laps of the session

16.37 - Rubens returns to the pits putting in a time of 1:20.019 on his last round

16.34 - Rubens is now the only one on the circuit and is back down in the 1.19's

16.02 - Rubens has now completed 89 laps for the day and is lapping mid 1:20's to early 1.21's

15.25 - He follows that with 1:22:100, 1:19:827 & 1:19.236 fastest of the day again.

15.17 - Rubens heads back out and continues where he left off, posting 1:21:030 & 1:19:996

15.03 - Engines are being fired up in the pit lane again. We will be able to draw some comparisons at the end of the day as Renault have got Fernando under way again.

13.20 - Return to the pits for what I can imagine will be a break having covered a substantial quanitity of laps

13.15 - Running in the low 1.20's

12.58 - Rubens now consistantly high 1.19's to low 1.20's

12.50 - Rubens busts into the 1.19's with a 1:19.808

12.44 - Rubens returns to the track

12.35 - Rubens posts 1:20:703, 1:20:700 and 1:20:598 and returns to the garage.

12.18 - Rubens is out again to put some more mileage on the BGP001 and posts 1:22:378, 1:20:516 and 1:20:114 the latter being the best time of the day again

12.10 - Rubens returns to the pits after 10 successful laps posting in the low to mid 1.21's

12.02 - Round again for the fastest time of the day 1:20.124

12.01 - 1:20:703 & 1:20:418 posted

11.55 - Rubens posts a 1:23:698 & 1:22:825

11.51 - Rubens comes to the pit exit again for a mock start

11.45 - Hulkenberg the only driver out there

11.27 - Rubens now has 30 laps under his belt.

11.17 - After putting in a 1:20.812 Rubens returns to the pits after 8 completed laps in that stint (20 in total)

11.13 - Rubens is getting used to Jerez 1:20:507, 1:20:905 & 1:20:396

10.59 - Rubens is posting some fast times and goes fastest again with a 1:21.734 he is now consistantly in the 1:21's - Nico Hulkenberg isn't far behind in the Williams though.

10.55 - Rubens completes in 1:28:493, 1:22:532 and 1:21:988.

10.51 - Rubens is back on the pace with 1:23:462 and 1:22:823.

10.50 - Rubens places himself at the pit exit to mock a standing start

10.48 - The session resumes with Fernando's stricken car heading back to the pits.

10.32 - It was a nose cone that came off of Fernando's car so we should be back in the action soon

10.13 - Red Flag - Alonso has been involved in an incident we must now wait for the track to be cleared.

10.08 - Rubens beats his previous time marginally 1:21.846

10.05 - Into his fourth lap he posts a 1:21.876

10.01 - First time of the day coming through from Rubens 1:24.487

9.40 - We out, but don't complete a lap and come back to the pits

9.00 - Start time

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