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Saturday, 28 March 2009

BBC Coverage

So what did you think to the beeb's coverage and commentary lineup? I thought a little rough around the edges in places but all in all a great start to what will be viewing pleasure. Eddie Jordan for me though is the best and worst part of the show. He was taking lead during the Sir Richard Branson interview and didn't even allow DC to comment. I find some of his comments un insightful but also very funny as he clearly thinks he is right. DC soon put him in his place over a few issues and rightfully so. I see that Jordan and DC will be a great double act where no quarter is given. Brundle was great as ever and Legard accompanied him very well. I feel Humphrey although a competant presenter lacked control over Jordan at points to the detriment of the show.
All in all its great to have F1 back on the beeb with no annoying ad breaks. A positive start has been made and i'm sure the team will carry on producing some great work. (Just glad that the loss of signal was not during a qually session!)

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