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Thursday, 12 March 2009

12th March - Brawn GP - Testing - Barcelona

Right and now to the final day of testing at Barcelona ahead of this years F1 Season opener at Melbourne.
17.00 - That concludes the test at Barcelona the standings for today are as follows:

Barrichello (BrawnGP BGP001)-1:18.926-110 laps
Rosberg (Williams FW31)-1:19.774-120 laps
Glock (Toyota TF109)-1:20.091-127 laps
Vettel (Red Bull RB5)-1:20.576 -82 laps
Alonso (Renault R29)-1:20.664-62 laps
Massa (Ferrari F60)-1:20.677-92 laps
Kubica (BMW-Sauber F1.09)-1:20.740-133 laps
Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24)-1:20.869-70 laps
Buemi (Toro Rosso STR04)-1:21.013-62 laps
Fisicella (Force India VJM02)-1:21.045-138 laps
Bourdais (Toro Rosso STR04)-1:21.629)-27 laps
16.32 - Rubens has now pushed through the 1.18's with a 1:18.926 surely it proves at least the BGP001 isn't being sandbagged. Is this difference between a well setup car and a KERS enabled car?
16.15 - He is really putting the BGP001 through it's paces now with a 1:19.103
16.04 - Rubens improves again 1:19.196
15.43 - Rubens has now comlpleted 78 laps and takes the top spot with a 1:19.626 & next lap betters it with a 1:19.266

Rosberg (Williams FW31) -1:19.774 -54 laps
Barrichello (BrawnGP BGP001)-1:19.971-74 laps
Vettel (Red Bull RB5)-1:20.678 -48 laps
Massa (Ferrari F60)-1:20.702-50 laps
Kubica (BMW-Sauber F1.09)-1:20.740-70 laps
Glock (Toyota TF109)-1:20.928-68 laps
Buemi (Toro Rosso STR04)-1:21.013-62 laps
Alonso(Renault R29)-1:21.045-63 laps
Fisicella (Force India VJM02)-1:21.276-42 laps
Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24)-1:21.717-29 laps
13.00 - Morning session expires

12.42 - Rubens pits to end his race simulation

12.00 - It appears Rubens is now in race simulation as Jenson did yesterday and is running in the high 21's to early 22's.

11.48 - Rubens betters it again with a 1:19.971 after 32 laps

11.35 - Rubens goes 2nd with a 120.415

11.07 - Rubens rejoins the track.

10.36 - The fog lifted around 10.15 but still no signs of Rubens

Everyone's being a bit cautious until the fog lifts

9.26 - Rubens has done a few in and outs, maybe just adjusting his setup.

9.14 - Everyone on circuit except for Rubens

9.00 - Session Commences

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