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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

FIA, Brawn GP, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Force India and Torro Rosso.....

Bit more than a love/hate triangle.

It has been bought to my attention by one of our rather astute fans (John Phillips) regarding a comment made by our friend Max Moseley.

"The current rule limiting manufactures to supplying engines to one additional team will remain in place."

Now this obviously brings in a problem for Brawn as we are the 3rd team to be supplied by Mercedes. I have since gone to the regulations to check and this is indeed the case:

"A major car manufacturer may not directly or indirectly supply engines for more than 2 teams with 2 cars each without consent of the FIA."

Before you all pipe up, I had already thought about this situation and think back to last season when Ferrari supplied theirselves, Force India and Torro Rosso. Now behind the scenes this must be why Vijay made the switch to Mercedes this year as Ferrari decided to back Torro Rosso. With Mercedes already supplying McLaren and Force India I assume that Ross has cleared the Merc engines with the FIA for this year. I assume that this is a 1 year thing whereby the next year only 2 teams are allowed the supply. So that means Brawn either need to secure new engines for 2010 or out perform Force India to continue with Mercedes. Make of it what you will.....

What are your thoughts?

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