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Friday, 29 May 2009

Brawn GP lodge 2010 F1 entry in unison with FOTA

Brawn GP like the rest of FOTA have submitted their entry to Formula One for 2010 season. They did however put some coniditions in with their submission, which are highlighted as follows:

"The renewal of the Concorde Agreement will provide security for the future of the sport by binding all parties in a formal relationship that will ensure stability via sound governance," said FOTA in a statement.

The teams' body also said that the entries were conditional on the regulations being based on 2009 rules, "identical for all competitors and amended in accordance with proposals that FOTA has submitted to the FIA."

"All FOTA teams' entries for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship have been submitted today on the understanding that (a) all FOTA teams will be permitted to compete during the 2010 Formula One season on an identical regulatory basis and (b) that they may only be accepted as a whole," added the statement.

"All FOTA teams now look forward with optimism to collaborating proactively and productively with the FIA, with a view to establishing a solid foundation on which the future of a healthy and successful Formula One can be built, providing lasting stability and sound governance."


Thursday, 28 May 2009

Brawn eager to keep Jenson

Jeson has a 3 year deal with the BGP outfit which he amended taking a major pay cut when Honda decided to bow out. Jensons contract with Honda was rumoured to be in the region 8-10 Million. When Honda bowed out Jenson decided it only fair to help the team and take a pay cut helping to safe guard the teams future. Brawn GP obviously realise that Jenson is a fantastic asset to the team and have decided to renegotiate his contract which is currently muted to be around 5 Million per year. The team are eager to fend off any larger teams and also reward Jenson for the work he has done for the team thus far.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Q&A - Ross Brawn - Post Monaco

Q. It keeps on getting better and better, doesn't it?

Ross Brawn: Well, this is always an incredibly tough race, the whole weekend is a difficult weekend. One small mistake from the drivers and it's al over. So to have a one-two in such difficult circumstances is quite exceptional. The team just ran very, very well all weekend, we had a bit of a tough first stint in the race, the tyres went away a bit quicker than we anticipated but we managed to keep it together and recover. So I'm lost for words really.

Q. Jenson's starts haven't been so good in the past but he did brilliantly in Monaco?

RB: There's obviously a certain amount of technology in it, there are limitations on what you can do with the rules but the guys have been working on developing the start techniques and developing the clutch and all the things you can do, and they've been doing a great job. We had a difficult start in one race but apart from that they're doing a great job.

Q. The last person to win five of the first six races was Michael Schumacher at Ferrari.

RB: Was it? There was a bit in the race where Jenson was coming up to a group that were racing each other and we were talking on the pit wall and saying maybe he should ease the pace back a bit and not get mixed up in it and he came on the radio almost simultaneously and said 'look guys, I don't want to get involved in that, what's going on in front, I'm going to ease back a bit'. So he's gaining in that mental capacity to do things as well as driving the car.

Q. Would you rate him up there with the great drivers?

RB: You have to remember that Rubens is a tremendous reference. Rubens had his occasions when he beat Michael and Michael was a pretty strong reference so the fact that Jenson has won these races with Rubens in the team sets the standard. I think he is doing exceptionally well. It's early days but I'm obviously delighted with both drivers' performance. But Jenson is doing exceptionally well.

Q. Turkey is next up. Can you win that too?

RB: You always hope, but Turkey is a very aerodynamic circuit and I think if you look at the balance of the cars properties or strengths, low speed, medium speed, very good chassis performance, the aerodynamics are strong and they are getting stronger.

We've got a new front wing there but perhaps that's the area of the high speed performance where we know we are not quite as good as Red Bull for instance, so we've got some ideas about how to fix that and hope to have them in place by Turkey. It's going to be fighting tooth and nail in every race.

Q. You have a British driver in a British team, and it looks guaranteed to be leading into British GP.

RB: I hadn't thought of that but we are really looking forward to seeing our fans. We seem to have built up a tremendous group of fans even in the short time we have been together so we are really looking forward to seeing them all at Silverstone and hopefully having a special time.

Q. That's going to be a big one to tick off, the British GP?

RB: They are all very special but of course your home grand prix has an extra element so it would be pretty special. It would almost complete the set.

Q. Winning this one with a team with your own name must be pretty amazing?

RB: It is and it hasn't sunk in. It has my name on it but the team is a team, a group of people who are all doing a fantastic job and I'm trying to be a bit of a catalyst and help things along. It carries my name but is a fantastic group of people.

Q. How does it compare to winning with Ferrari?

RB: We are obviously doing it with a lot less resource than Ferrari, so it's a different approach. This is a small boutique team as opposed to what Ferrari was. It will be probably more difficult for us to keep it going in some ways but everybody is achieving more than you might expect. We've got the heart of a big team, even if we are a small team.


Jenson Buttons sprint finish at Monaco

After completing his last lap at Monaco and winning the race, Jenson parked the car incorrectly and had to sprint down the start/finish straight to collect his reward.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Jenson with another win at Monaco - Brawn GP

Another fantastic result for the team with another Brawn GP 1-2 Jenson doing a sterling job once again to take another race win. Rubens again doing a fantastic job to keep the Ferrari's at bay and secure a great 2nd place. A comment by Nick fry that has just astounded me is that the Mercedes is Jensons car has just won its 3rd race, a feat that has not been achieved before.



The Monaco Grand Prix
Monte Carlo, Monaco, Monaco;
78 laps; 260.520km;
Weather: Sunny.


Pos Driver Time

1. Button 1h40:44.282
2. Barrichello + 7.666
3. Raikkonen + 13.443
4. Massa + 15.110
5. Webber + 15.730
6. Rosberg + 33.586
7. Alonso + 37.839
8. Bourdais + 1:03.142
9. Fisichella + 1:05.040
10. Glock + 1 lap
11. Heidfeld + 1 lap
12. Hamilton + 1 lap
13. Trulli + 1 lap
14. Sutil + 1 lap
15. Nakajima + 2 laps

Fastest lap: Massa, 1:15.154

Not classified/retirements:

Driver Team On lap

Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes (B) 52
Kubica BMW Sauber (B) 31
Vettel Red Bull-Renault (B) 16
Piquet Renault (B) 11
Buemi Toro Rosso-Ferrari (B) 11

All timing unofficial


Saturday, 23 May 2009

Brawn GP - Car Weights - Monaco

Pos Driver Weight (KG) Predicted Laps to refuel

1. Button 647.5 22
2. Raikkonen 644.0 20
3. Barrichello 648.0 23
4. Vettel 631.5 13
5. Massa 643.5 20
6. Rosberg 642.0 19
7. Kovalainen 644.0 20
8. Webber 646.5 21
9. Alonso 654.0 26
10. Nakajima 668.0 35
11. Buemi 670.0 36
12. Piquet 673.1 38
13. Fisichella 693.0 44
14. Bourdais 699.5 46
15. Sutil 670.0 36
16. Hamilton 645.5 21
17. Heidfeld 680.0 41
18. Kubica 696.0 48
19. Trulli 688.3 43
20. Glock 700.8 49

Based on a fuel consumption of roughly 1.7 Kg's per lap, I have also adjusted the long runners as a 1.7kg per lap consumption won't work when carrying that much weight.

This all goes to show what a great lap that Jenson put in and how much more comfortable he is with the car with a little fuel on board. Once again a great job by Rubens on his fuel load.


Brawn GP - Qualifying - Monaco

Another great push by the team and the drivers to secure pole for Jenson and 3rd for Rubens. Ross alluded to the team running to around lap 20 on their current fuel but we shall have to wait and see what the others around us are also running when the fuel loads are announced later.

Pos Driver Q1 Q2 Q3

1. Button 1:15.210 1:15.016 1:14.902
2. Raikkonen 1:15.746 1:14.514 1:14.927
3. Barrichello 1:15.425 1:14.829 1:15.077
4. Vettel 1:15.915 1:14.879 1:15.271
5. Massa 1:15.340 1:15.001 1:15.437
6. Rosberg 1:15.094 1:14.846 1:15.455
7. Kovalainen 1:15.495 1:14.809 1:15.516
8. Webber 1:15.260 1:14.825 1:15.653
9. Alonso 1:15.898 1:15.200 1:16.009
10. Nakajima 1:15.930 1:15.579 1:17.344
11. Buemi 1:15.834 1:15.833
12. Piquet 1:16.013 1:15.837
13. Fisichella 1:16.063 1:16.146
14. Bourdais 1:16.120 1:16.281
15. Sutil 1:16.248 1:16.545
16. Hamilton 1:16.264
17. Heidfeld 1:16.264
18. Kubica 1:16.405
19. Trulli 1:16.548
20. Glock 1:16.788

All Timing Unofficial

Ross Brawn: "I think Jenson is getting into the habit of saving the best for last. He knew that was the lap where he had to produce and he's just driving exceptionally well at the moment."

Jenson Button: "I was right on the edge on that lap. I'm absolutely chuffed to bits to snatch pole. I was a long way off in first practice but all the way through the weekend we've improved it bit by bit. This car listens to changes, unlike last year's."


Brawn GP - Free Practice 3 - Monaco



Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Alonso 1:15.164 24
2. Button 1:15.233 + 0.069 29
3. Kovalainen 1:15.278 + 0.114 24
4. Barrichello 1:15.286 + 0.122 26
5. Massa 1:15.293 + 0.129 23
6. Raikkonen 1:15.382 + 0.218 25
7. Hamilton 1:15.389 + 0.225 23
8. Vettel 1:15.722 + 0.558 23
9. Rosberg 1:15.758 + 0.594 23
10. Webber 1:15.985 + 0.821 24
11. Nakajima 1:16.103 + 0.939 22
12. Sutil 1:16.228 + 1.064 20
13. Bourdais 1:16.301 + 1.137 23
14. Fisichella 1:16.317 + 1.153 29
15. Piquet 1:16.382 + 1.218 27
16. Buemi 1:16.432 + 1.268 22
17. Glock 1:16.527 + 1.363 29
18. Kubica 1:16.599 + 1.435 26
19. Heidfeld 1:16.661 + 1.497 22
20. Trulli 1:16.810 + 1.646 26

All timing unofficial


Thursday, 21 May 2009


Thats right we finally have our own domain name now too: www.brawngp-blog.co.uk I decided it was time to make it easier for people to remember how to find us. The blogspot will still be used and the new url is just a redirect but it will make life easier for some people. It may also bring us a higher google rank at some stage.


Brawn GP - Wuppertal?

New livery sported on the rear wing again this weekend. The clearest picture I have yet to get shows Wuppertal which a Google Search reveals is a town in Germany, now what I can't currently make out is the web address that runs beneath the town name on the wing. Can anyone enlighten us?


Brawn GP - Free Practice 2 - Monaco

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Rosberg 1:15.243 45
2. Hamilton 1:15.445 + 0.202 34
3. Barrichello 1:15.590 + 0.347 40
4. Button 1:15.774 + 0.531 35
5. Massa 1:15.832 + 0.589 41
6. Vettel 1:15.847 + 0.604 33
7. Kovalainen 1:15.984 + 0.741 44
8. Raikkonen 1:15.985 + 0.742 42
9. Nakajima 1:16.260 + 1.017 42
10. Piquet 1:16.286 + 1.043 42
11. Alonso 1:16.552 + 1.309 38
12. Webber 1:16.579 + 1.336 27
13. Sutil 1:16.675 + 1.432 37
14. Trulli 1:16.915 + 1.672 42
15. Buemi 1:16.983 + 1.740 47
16. Bourdais 1:17.052 + 1.809 47
17. Heidfeld 1:17.109 + 1.866 39
18. Glock 1:17.207 + 1.964 44
19. Fisichella 1:17.504 + 2.261 44
20. Kubica No time 2

Another good session for BGP with Rubens leading the BGP cars from Jenson in 3rd and 4th respectively.


Brawn GP - Free Practice 1 - Monaco

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Barrichello 1:17.189 25
2. Massa 1:17.499 + 0.310 31
3. Hamilton 1:17.578 + 0.389 25
4. Kovalainen 1:17.686 + 0.497 29
5. Raikkonen 1:17.839 + 0.650 30
6. Nakajima 1:18.000 + 0.811 29
7. Rosberg 1:18.024 + 0.835 27
8. Button 1:18.080 + 0.891 27
9. Alonso 1:18.283 + 1.094 30
10. Webber 1:18.348 + 1.159 22
11. Buemi 1:18.695 + 1.506 36
12. Piquet 1:19.204 + 2.015 36
13. Vettel 1:19.233 + 2.044 16
14. Bourdais 1:19.255 + 2.066 30
15. Fisichella 1:19.534 + 2.345 27
16. Kubica 1:19.560 + 2.371 20
17. Heidfeld 1:19.579 + 2.390 22
18. Sutil 1:19.600 + 2.411 23
19. Glock 1:19.698 + 2.509 23
20. Trulli 1:19.831 + 2.642 28

No report as I didnt get to watch the session, however BGP look strong for the weekend putting in some good initial times. Ferrari however are starting to look like a real threat.


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Q&A - Jenson Button pre Monaco

Q. It's not really been your circuit here, has it?

Jenson Button: Really? Has it not? I finished second here in 2004.

Q. What about 03?

JB: I can't remember 2003, 2004 was a good year. Last year was ok as well, I qualified well, overtook three people on the first lap and then crashed into one of them at the end of the lap. It's a fun circuit, but if you look back at the stats you'd say it hasn't been fantastic, no. But nor had Barcelona really.

Q. Is the 2003 crash still your biggest accident in F1?

JB: Yes. They've moved the barrier back now, which is good. Somebody said this circuit is the same as it was 20 or 30 years ago and it is, the actual layout, but the safety is a lot better which is good. It's as safe as a street circuit can be, in a city around a port.

Q. Do you have flashbacks about the crash?

JB: Not really, no. If I'm asked about it I think about it, but it doesn't scare me in any way. If I had hurt myself, maybe. But I didn't.

Q. What would be the setback of such an accident now?

JB: Well, it would be 10 points, which just means I have to make it up in the next few races. That's the most positive way of looking at it. If you have a reliability issue or an accident, then for sure it can set you back a long way, but it's the same for all of us. It's not just me.

Q. With a good car, this could be most fun you've had in Monaco.

JB: I've had a lot of fun in Monaco [laughter]. 2004 was a fun race, chasing down [Jarno] Trulli in the Renault. It was a great race and it was very enjoyable. And last year was as well, for the first lap. I'm looking forward to it.
I think every circuit you go to, if you've got a good car, it's enjoyable. That's the way it is. It's obvious really, but having a good car around here, a car that you feel completely in control with and very comfortable with is important. If you are comfortable with it and confident in it then you can throw it around, you can find the limits of the car and also the barriers.

Q. You wouldn't think of it as a track where you could throw it around.

JB: No you wouldn't, but then again that's the problem. People come here and they think that you can't. In a way, in the past when I arrived here I always thought the same. But you learn over the weekend that you have to be aggressive, you have to give the barriers respect for sure - they are very hard and there is no runoff. But you have be aggressive as well. There's no pussyfooting around. It doesn't work in Monaco.

Q. Is there a psychological barrier?

JB: You can't go out of the pit lane here and just think, "Right, I'll do a few laps and see how the car balances". You've got to go out and think, "Right, I'm going to drive aggressively here". You either get the best out of the car, or you are a long way off getting the best out of it.
There's a big difference in laptime, so it's a circuit where when you start the weekend, you don't want to be stupid the first run, you don't want to throw it in the wall there. But after that, you need to be consistent but also be aggressive. If you don't push the car to the limit you're not getting the best out of it, and it's a big difference here if you don't get the best out of the car.

Q. How much of a dream is it to win here?

JB: It was a dream just to win again after Hungary. It would be great to win here, but for me the most exciting race to win would be my home grand prix, for atmosphere's sake, with the British fans. You would hope at your home grand prix you've got more fans there than any other, so Silverstone would be the most special.
Monaco is up there and it's such a unique circuit - it's very different to anything else. You win here and it doesn't mean you're going to win the championship, but there's nothing else like this circuit. It's a fun circuit to drive and when you cross the line at the end of this race, it's a bonus in a way.
Every lap is 100 per cent around here and you have to be totally focused and as precise as possible, but also with aggression. So winning here would be pretty special and when you cross the line it's just a feeling of relief. Afterwards you're so tired, mentally and physically drained around here, so that would make it extra special.

Q. The Monaco GP carries with it the most kudos, though.

JB: Yeah, maybe, but whatever race you win it's pretty spectacular, finishing in front of everyone else, seeing the chequered flag first. It is a special race, but when you are looking at the races over a season, I wouldn't put this as the race that stands out for me - it's my home grand prix at Silverstone.

Q. Is it different coming to this race now compared to when Flavio asked if you were looking to buy a place here?

JB: The bit about the boat was probably correct, but that bit was a little bit wrong. That's the way Flavio is, he is very outspoken. But things have changed a lot, although they changed the next year for me. Things turned around. I come here very confident in the team, the car and myself. I'm really looking to getting out on the circuit.
But this season is weird because after the last couple of races I've won, I've obviously enjoyed the weekend, but I wake up on a Monday morning and I'm already thinking about the next race. It's quite a strange feeling, very different to the rest of my Formula 1 career, winning four races out of five, but you do get used to it very quickly.
I will never forget how difficult it can get, how tough it can get, but when you're winning, finishing second is a disappointment. So you have to learn to think it's not a disappointment, that it's not a bad result, otherwise you could go mad.
Over the last few weeks, I've been non-stop thinking about the next race, running through it in my mind, getting all the data. It's been quite a stressful few weeks, you wouldn't think so, but it is more stressful.

Q. You say stressful. Is that part of the pressure of being championship leader?

JB: Stressful is probably not the right word, I'm just always thinking about racing. Before, I tried to take my mind away from it when it wasn't going well and think about something else. But now I'm always thinking about racing, it's always running through my mind.

Q. We're seeing a different side to you this season.

JB: I'm probably a right boring bastard at the moment, I really am. My girlfriend will tell me when she turns up tomorrow. It's different because things are going well and you want to be thinking about how you can improve. But when things aren't going so well, you know you need to improve the car and where you are, but you also need to get away from the racing, to forget about it for a few days. At the moment, that's not possible.

Q. It's a bit more difficult to do that in Monaco.

JB: Yeah, this week especially. I've been here since the last race and it's been pretty busy.


Brawn GP - Monaco Gallery


All images displayed on Sutton Images can be purchased via their website


Brawn GP - Monaco Preview

Monaco Grand Prix, Round six of the 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship, is widely considered to be the most prestigious motorsport race in the world. Set around the spectacular harbour backdrop of Monte Carlo, the race winds around the barrier-lined streets of the Principality, providing a fantastic spectacle of speed and noise for the thousands of fans who pack the grandstands and viewing areas. The 3.340km 2.075 mile street track is the slowest circuit of the year with the cars averaging speeds of just 160kph 100mph throughout the 78-lap race. From a technical point of view, the weekend will see the Brawn-Mercedes cars running with maximum aerodynamic downforce to take full advantage of the low speed corners. With its twisty narrow streets, frequent elevation changes and the famous tunnel, Monaco is a unique race venue which provides a challenge for man and machine.

Q. How does the team approach the Monaco Grand Prix weekend

“Monaco is a unique and unpredictable venue and you have to take a very controlled approach to the race weekend. The pit lane and paddock is an intense environment to work in due to the location at the heart of the city and it is therefore more stressful than any other race on the calendar. You can make just one mistake in Monaco and your race weekend will be compromised. However we love that level of extra challenge and it is what makes Formula One and Monaco so special. “Our car works very well with low-speed corners and we have a fantastic engine from Mercedes-Benz which has a lot of power and excellent drivability which is important around the twisty street circuit. The BGP 001 car is very good mechanically which you need to take advantage of the slow speed nature of the track. Monaco is a real drivers’ circuit where their performance can make all the difference. Jenson and Rubens are both precise and consistent drivers and we will give them as much practice time out on track as possible to get into the rhythm of the lap. Your aim in Monaco is always to secure pole or as close to the front row as possible in qualifying and take it from there. Neither Jenson or Rubens has won the Monaco Grand Prix, although both have stood on the podium, so I’m sure they will be determined to make the most of the weekend.”

Q. What are your thoughts ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix

“The Monaco Grand Prix is always a very special race weekend, and as a resident of the principality, it will be my first home race of the season with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone following next month. To go to Monaco with the lead in both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships is fantastic but we saw in Barcelona that the performance margins at the front are extremely close. There will be a lot of competitive cars fighting it out this weekend. My usual driving style is very smooth but I will have to change that a little bit to get the best out of the car here. You have to be aggressive around Monaco and not let the barriers intimidate you whilst obviously paying them due respect. Every time you take to the track, it’s a non-stop challenge which requires you to maintain absolute focus, concentration and precision. I think we will see a very exciting qualifying session on Saturday as grid position is so significant in Monaco. It’s almost impossible to overtake once the race is underway so being at the front and getting a good start will be important for a successful weekend.”

Q. What are the technical challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix

“Driving a Formula One car around Monaco is a fantastic challenge. This will be my 17th Monaco Grand Prix but the weekend has lost none of its appeal and is always one of my favourite races on the calendar. Experience counts around Monaco and it’s going to be a fascinating weekend with the competition so close at the front of the field. Qualifying is one of the biggest challenges of the year here and it is so important to get it right to give yourself the best chance in the race. The unique nature of Monaco presents a number of technical challenges. The streets are tight and twisty although not as bumpy as you might expect following resurfacing work in recent years. We will run with as much downforce as possible on the car and good mechanical grip and low-speed handling is crucial. And then of course there are the barriers which line the majority of the Monte Carlo streets for the race weekend. You can really feel the speed of the car when the barriers are so close but Monaco is actually one of the lowest speed circuits that we race on.”

Monaco Stats
Circuit Length: 3.340km
Race Distance: 260.520km
Number of Laps: 78
Full Throttle: 52
Brake Wear: Medium / Hard
Tyre Compounds: Super Soft / Soft
Downforce Level: High 10/10
Tyre Usage: Low
Average Speed: 160kph 100mph


Sunday, 17 May 2009

Jenson to take tough stance in Monaco - Brawn GP

Speaking to the UK's Daily Star:

"I won't be pussyfooting around. I know I need to be a bit more aggressive and scrap for every point. If I get it right I can see myself on that top step"

"It's going to be tough, but I'll be full of confidence. Monaco is a bit like Barcelona and I've usually struggled on tracks like that. But my win last week in Spain has boosted my confidence. I have always been a bit too cautious at places like these, so I have to alter my style and attitude a bit.
"As long as I stay off the barriers I have a very good chance of changing my bad luck in Monaco. But I won't be hanging back waiting for a win to happen. I'll be going for it - and it'll be the same right to the end of the season"


BGP Video

I've just been doing my usual trawl through you tube to see if any new material is around for Brawn GP and came across this video that is trying to show how ballast can alter the cars balance.

It would be great if someone could do a english translation for me and I'll then redo the video....



Friday, 15 May 2009

Brawn GP Being patient over sponsors

The team have already secured the following log term partners MIGFX, Perkin Elmer, Henri Lloyd, Ray Ban, Willans, Endless & NCE. Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group made their entry to F1 after years of teams trying to lure him towards the sport with a what was muted to be a race by race deal drawn up with the team. The last race at Barcelona saw a decline in the amount of livery designated to the Virgin brand and we saw a tie in with the movie Terminator Salvation which would have come via a deal with Sony Pictures. Brawn GP are in no rush to secure sponsorship as this year is being funded by Honda and the team is well on the way with the money they have secured from the aformentioned deals. The BGP001 is hot property with mass media interest so it's ideal at present to be making race by race deals to create maximum exposure to both the team and the sponsor. Whilst doing this long term partners are being found but those kind of deals take a longer time to fulfil.
Nick Fry spoke to Autosport earlier in the week and had the following to say:

"We have a lot of offers on the table and we are not badly off for this year. We can do the job with the money and resources that we have got at the moment.
"What Ross and I are looking for is the best solution for the next five years, and we don't need to hurry. We have obviously had a kind offer from Virgin but there are other offers on the table from big companies who perhaps can't move as quickly as a company as entrepreneurial as Virgin.
"We are biding our time, not panicking, I am sure you will see more sponsors on the car but it will be done in a considered way."


Monday, 11 May 2009


After having a number of people contact me with regards to advertising on the site please feel free to contact me to arrange some advertising space on the site. Our visiting numbers and fan base speak for themselves. I have an array of advert placement sizes available and all adverts are POA. Drop me an email via the KontactR Form:


Brawn GP - Post Barcelona Podcast

Here's this week's Podcast

Post Barcelona Podcast


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Brawn GP - Barcelona Race Win

Another race and another BGP lockout, A fantastic BGP result and another congratulations in order for Jenson! I have to say a heartfelt commiserations to Rubens I thought he had enough once he got past Vettel and Jenson at the start but he just couldn't pull out enough of a lead although he did some scorching laps. Congrats to Webber for making it onto the podium once more. Ferrari yet again having problems with first Kimi's car and then secondly with Filipe struggling to use his fuel load correctly.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Brawn GP - Car Weights - Barcelona

Pos Driver Weight (KG's) Predicted Fuel Stop
1. Button 646 18
2. Vettel 651.5 19
3. Barrichello 649.5 19
4. Massa 655 20
5. Webber 651.5 18
6. Glock 646.5 16
7. Trulli 655.5 20
8. Alonso 645 16
9. Rosberg 668 26
10. Kubica 660 22
11. Nakajima 676.6 30
12. Piquet 677.4 30
13. Heidfeld 676.3 29
14. Hamilton 683 32
15. Buemi 678 30
16. Raikkonen 673 28
17. Bourdais 669 26
18. Kovalainen 657 21
19. Sutil 675 29
20. Fisichella 656 20

So as I would have thought the times mean all the front runners are fairly similar on fuel loads. Massa is obviously the one to watch out for in the mix with a little more fuel on board, if he can get the usual KERS run at the start combined with being able to hang onto the back of Jenson, Vettel and Rubens he may well figure strongly.


Brawn GP - Qualifying - Barcelona

Yet another nail biting qualifying session for Brawn GP. Rubens set the early pace in Q3 leaving everyone a tough challenge to beat. Vettel managed to pip Rubens time and that left only Jenson the chance to post a quicker time, not before making my nails even shorter only managing to get another lap in crossing the line with mere seconds to run.

Pos Driver Q1 Q2 Q3

1. Button 1:20.707 1:20.192 1:20.527
2. Vettel 1:20.715 1:20.220 1:20.660
3. Barrichello 1:20.808 1:19.954 1:20.762
4. Massa 1:20.484 1:20.149 1:20.934
5. Webber 1:20.689 1:20.007 1:21.049
6. Glock 1:20.877 1:20.107 1:21.247
7. Trulli 1:21.189 1:20.420 1:21.254
8. Alonso 1:21.186 1:20.509 1:21.392
9. Rosberg 1:20.745 1:20.256 1:22.558
10. Kubica 1:20.931 1:20.408 1:22.685
11. Nakajima 1:20.818 1:20.531
12. Piquet 1:21.128 1:20.604
13. Heidfeld 1:21.095 1:20.676
14. Hamilton 1:20.991 1:20.805
15. Buemi 1:21.033 1:21.067
16. Raikkonen 1:21.291
17. Bourdais 1:21.300
18. Kovalainen 1:21.675
19. Sutil 1:21.742
20. Fisichella 1:22.204

Jenson had this to say during the post qually interview:

"It could have gone very, very wrong," said Button. "We timed it quite well but I had Kubica who I thought was on an out lap and I had to let him past.

"The guys said you had four seconds less than a proper lap time to get across the line in time. I got across the line just with a couple of seconds to spare - it was more luck than judgement.

"It was the best lap of my weekend. I had been having some trouble with this guy low fuel but I got the lap on the high fuel.

"I am very happy and it is a bit of a surprise in a way, when I heard Shov's voice on the radio it felt pretty good."

As soon as the race weights are declared I will upload them for you. Also in the post qualifying press conference Rubens was wearing a baseball cap with Duracell on the front. Maybe another sponsorship tie in on the cards.

I've also added some more pictures to the photo gallery for Barcelona: Barcelona Gallery Post


Brawn GP - Barcelona Free Practice 3

A steady session for Brawn mainly run on the prime tyre (hard) giving some good times in return. Letterly the switch was made to the option tyre (soft) to gain a few more tenths. Ferrari came to the fore with a P1 and 2 whilst Brawn took 3rd and 4th with Jenson and Rubens respectively.


Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Massa 1:20.553 18
2. Raikkonen 1:20.635 + 0.082 22
3. Button 1:21.050 + 0.497 19
4. Barrichello 1:21.163 + 0.610 17
5. Kubica 1:21.239 + 0.686 21
6. Trulli 1:21.256 + 0.703 23
7. Hamilton 1:21.346 + 0.793 16
8. Glock 1:21.377 + 0.824 26
9. Buemi 1:21.424 + 0.871 19
10. Alonso 1:21.499 + 0.946 17
11. Kovalainen 1:21.519 + 0.966 15
12. Rosberg 1:21.594 + 1.041 20
13. Webber 1:21.629 + 1.076 19
14. Bourdais 1:21.649 + 1.096 19
15. Piquet 1:21.685 + 1.132 18
16. Vettel 1:21.689 + 1.136 18
17. Fisichella 1:21.909 + 1.356 19
18. Nakajima 1:22.043 + 1.490 19
19. Sutil 1:22.232 + 1.679 19
20. Heidfeld 1:23.457 + 2.904 8


Friday, 8 May 2009

Brawn GP - Mercedes - The Customer is King

A nice promotional video that Timstr11 over on http://www.autosport.com/ forum found


Brawn GP - Barcelona Photo Gallery

A few pictures from Barcelona for you perusal:

Images from the following sources (Images from Sutton can also be purchased from their website)


Brawn GP - Barcelona - Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2 for us this year seems to be about consolidation and trying to hone the cars setup whereas FP1 provides faster lighter setups. Rubens posted the fastest time for Brawn GP on what I believe were hard tyres (I will clarify this) posting a 1:21.843 just a shade behind Jenson's fastest FP1 time. Jenson posted a 1:22.052 in this session 0.464 behind fastest man Nico Rosberg.

Pos  Driver       Time              Laps
1. Rosberg 1:21.588 43
2. Nakajima 1:21.740 + 0.152 40
3. Alonso 1:21.781 + 0.193 36
4. Barrichello 1:21.843 + 0.255 39
5. Webber 1:22.027 + 0.439 37
6. Button 1:22.052 + 0.464 35
7. Vettel 1:22.082 + 0.494 45
8. Piquet 1:22.349 + 0.761 26
9. Buemi 1:22.571 + 0.983 17
10. Raikkonen 1:22.599 + 1.011 40
11. Bourdais 1:22.615 + 1.027 30
12. Fisichella 1:22.670 + 1.082 32
13. Hamilton 1:22.809 + 1.221 31
14. Kovalainen 1:22.876 + 1.288 29
15. Massa 1:22.878 + 1.290 35
16. Kubica 1:22.948 + 1.360 40
17. Heidfeld 1:23.173 + 1.585 39
18. Glock 1:23.360 + 1.772 46
19. Trulli 1:23.623 + 2.035 47
20. Sutil

Jenson had the following to say after Free Practice 2:

"Qualifying and the race at the important ones. Today is not important to be quickest," Button told reporters after practice. "It's more about getting a good feeling and a good balance.

"I'm not there yet and I'm a bit disappointed with the way the car is at the moment. Hopefully we can improve overnight, I know that we will because we know which direction to go."


Brawn GP - Terminator Salvation

As I posted the update pictures yesterday I mentioned the colaboration with the film Terminator Salvation which new livery that promotes the film adorns the rear wing of both cars:

Brawn GP CEO Nick Fry said:

"We are thrilled to be supporting Sony Pictures Releasing International with the launch of Terminator Salvation at this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix."

"Our promotional partnership will see our race cars and our garage branded with the famous Terminator imagery as we help launch one of Hollywood's biggest movies of the year to over 580 million Formula One viewers in over 90 countries."

"The Terminator brand promises exciting action and high drama as machines and human ingenuity battle for supremacy. It's a perfect match for Brawn GP and Formula 1."


Brawn GP - Barcelona - Free Practice 1

Hi BGP fans the wait is over and Barcelona is here. Some teams have bought a raft of aero parts to Barcelona but mainly BMW and Ferrari. Early indications from FP1 shows Brawn GP are still ahead of the crowd with a late dash by Jenson on the super softs posting the only time of the session in the 1.21's. Rubens just over a second behind down in tenth. The onboard shot we had of Rube's fastest lap showed he seemed to be fighting with the brake balance of the car.

Pos  Driver       Time               Laps
1. Button 1:21.799 21
2. Trulli 1:22.154 + 0.355 30
3. Kubica 1:22.221 + 0.422 24
4. Heidfeld 1:22.658 + 0.859 14
5. Nakajima 1:22.659 + 0.860 24
6. Rosberg 1:22.667 + 0.868 26
7. Piquet 1:22.753 + 0.954 24
8. Glock 1:22.828 + 1.029 29
9. Massa 1:22.855 + 1.056 15
10. Barrichello 1:22.859 + 1.060 24
11. Raikkonen 1:22.873 + 1.074 20
12. Webber 1:22.934 + 1.135 25
13. Vettel 1:22.959 + 1.160 24
14. Hamilton 1:23.077 + 1.278 21
15. Bourdais 1:23.088 + 1.289 30
16. Fisichella 1:23.089 + 1.290 25
17. Alonso 1:23.157 + 1.358 18
18. Buemi 1:23.185 + 1.386 31
19. Kovalainen 1:23.522 + 1.723 17
20. Sutil 1:23.536 + 1.737 19


Thursday, 7 May 2009

Brawn GP - Pictures from Barcelona

Just to wet your appetite for this weekend a few pictures i've just found on http://www.f1.gpupdate.net/



So what do these pictures tell us? Well I think we are still holding some cards close to our chest as from other pictures I have seen we have the old engine covers in place on the chassis. Whether Sir Richard has sold the advertising space he has to the Film studio or whether this is additional sponsorship I await to see. I previously posted some pictures of a front wing arrangement that I now feel may be incorrect until I have clarification I have taken them down.


Getting involved with the blog

Don't be shy, I've noticed of late that we have a massive reader base and I don't mind keeping you all up to date with everything Brawn GP but you can all get involved and pass your own judgements too. I've added a new tool so that when you post a comment to the site you can also have your own avatars and add pictures etc. I've also added a link to my twitter page (www.twitter.com/brawngpblog) which I will also update as much as I can.


Brawngp.com Updated

If you haven't already noticed the official website www.brawngp.com has been updated.


Monday, 4 May 2009

Brawn GP - Ecclestone 'Brawn GP won't get prize money'

The Independant yesterday ran a story talking to Bernie Ecclestone about a number of concerns in F1. The relevant Brawn GP story was about prize money, when Honda was renamed Brawn GP the team became a new entry.
I quote The Independant 'The Concorde Agreement, the contract committing the teams to race in F1, says prize money earned by outfits which have left the sport should be split between those remaining in the sport. However, the contract is not in force and although the teams initially agreed to give the money to Brawn, there are now objections to this given Brawn's success.'
This may well be true but is not the correct way to look at the argument, Honda did leave F1 so Honda should recieve no money and the monies split amongst the remaining teams. However when Brawn GP became a new team this meant they could not win any prize money, teams in their first year of F1 do not recieve prize money. Bernie went on to say that 'the money will not be paid to Brawn and he adds it will not be paid out at all if there is not unanimous agreement on who should receive it.'
Further to that Bernie threw a shot at BGP 'It would have been better for the team to have retained their former name. "I opposed the name Brawn," he says, claiming it is "not a good name, doesn't mean anything to the public, better being Honda than Brawn".
I wonder how Honda would have felt about a team using their name that they would no longer have input in and Mercedes power. Bernie's comments sometimes bemuse me.


Friday, 1 May 2009

BrawnGP.Blogspot.com Podcast 1/5/09

As promised the updates are filtering through for the site.

Here is the 1st podcast for the site (Now you can hear me as well as reading what I have to say, sorry!)

BGP Podcast 001 - 1/5/09

As this is my first foray into podcasting i'm sure things will get better so please bear with me ;)


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