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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Ross Brawn - Skidz

“I am delighted to become a Patron of the SKIDZ Motor Projects charity and to lend my support.

“Having started my career in Formula One as a machinist and mechanic with the Williams Grand Prix team back in the 1970s, I am a passionate supporter of providing opportunities for young people to learn practical motor trade skills and have the opportunity to become involved in and develop a passion for motorsport.

“Practical experience is key to getting the best possible grounding in the motor trade and this is where SKIDZ really makes a difference to the future prospects for the young people involved.

“Along with my work with Formula Student and F1 in Schools, I hope that my involvement in SKIDZ can make a real difference. The enthusiasm and commitment that I have seen at the Wycombe Motor Project fills me with optimism for the future of science and engineering in this country.”


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Brawn GP - We're going on tour.....

When returning home from a GP we always find it such a low so we have decided to head for Monza and the Italian GP in September. Can't wait to go to another F1 race this year. If you have any suggestions from your own trips to Monza let me know. We are staying in Bergamo and plan to catch the train to the circuit each day. If anyone knows anyone that can blag us some pitlane access to get closer to the team drop me a mail: Contact Me


Brawn GP - Silverstone Gallery - Our pictures

We were there at the GP and thats why the site has been quite for a few days but i'll update it as much as I can again over the coming days. Here are the photo's we took:


Max'd Out - FOTA sign for 2010

The 8 teams still unified in FOTA have signed for the 2010 season without the budgetary caps being put in place. The teams have agreed to cut costs but on a sliding scale and not the proposed 40 million cap. They will look to resign the Concorde agreement and be more involved in the governance of the sport. This has all happened with the proviso that Max Moseley does not stand for re election. Great news for the fans of F1 as a breakaway series was really the last thing the sport needed.


Monday, 22 June 2009

Brawn GP - Silverstone

Well as previously mentioned over the weekend I was at the race for my fourth consecutive Silverstone. Obviously with Jenson down in 6th on the grid and Silverstone being a notoriously difficult place to overtake I realised that getting a better result may prove difficult even for someone showing the form Jenson has. I had already secured an 8/1 bet for Rubens to win at the start of the week, I find myself week in week out at the moment hoping Rubens does well. I've always found that Rubens has much more talent than his luck brings him and was jumping up and down last year for him in Club Silverstone as he made his way upto third. The Red Bulls pace was staggering and the moment Vettel left the grid and started pulling away I knew he had it in the bag which left me dissapointed for Rubens. Further from that I realised that no matter how good Ross's strategy would be trying to keep Webber at bay would still prove extremely difficult.
Rubens more aggressive driving style seemed to keep a little more warmth in the tyres whilst Jenson struggled. Towards the end of Jensons middle stint we saw him weaving down the start finish straight in an attempt to get some more temperature into the tyres, this was also having a detrimental effect on the suspension settings with Jenson finding the car bottomining out. A combination of Jensons consistent driving and strategy calls got Jenson back up the grid from 9th to 6th.
Still in my opinion another great result for Brawn GP on a circuit that doesn't necessarily suit the setup of the BGP001 which was compounded by the cool conditions of the weekend.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Brawn GP - Todays News

Once again i'm in the Travelodge lobby without the copy and paste options so here are the links to todays stories:

Autosport - Q&A - Jenson Button - www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76401

Autosport - Press Conference - Rubens - www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76393

Autosport - Jenson overwhelmed by fans response - www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76403

BBC - Jenson downbeat on his winning chances - http://f1url.com//4k

Twitpic (Ledug) - Monster energy drink on Jense's Helmet - http://twitpic.com/7x3xq


Brawn GP - Car Weights - Silverstone

Car weights as always were announced a few hours after qualifying and Rubens and Jenson are both lighter than their Red Bull counterparts. Rubens really needs to get down to copse leading the GP to enable BGP a chance at the race win. The weather being Silverstone still may play it's part.

Vettel - 666.5 KG's
Rubens - 657.5 KG's
Webber - 659.5 KG's
Trulli - 658 KG's
Nakajima - 652.5 KG's
Jenson - 657.5 KG's
Rosberg - 661.5 KG's
Glock - 660 KG's
Raikkonen - 654 KG's
Alonso - 654 KG's
Massa - 675 KG's
Kubica - 689.5 KG's
Heikki - 695.5 KG's
Picquet - 682.5 KG's
Heidfeld - 665.5 KG's
Fisichella - 668 KG's
Bourdais - 687.5 KG's
Sutil - 692 KG's
Hamilton - 666 KG's
Buemi - 672.5 KG's


Brawn GP - Qualifying - Silverstone

Qualifying was a tense affair with Red Bull now appearing to have a good high speed package, their upgrades for Silverstone seem to have improved their car somewhat. I'm still undecided by how much as the temperatures at Silverstone may have flattered to decieve with Rubens and Jenson struggling to get heat into the tyres. Race pace may show things up differently for the Brawn GP pair.

Top Ten Qualifiers

Vettel - 1.19.509
Rubens - 1.19.856
Webber - 1.19.868
Trulli - 1.20.091
Nakajima - 1.20.216
Jenson - 1.20.289
Rosberg - 1.20.361
Glock - 1.20.490
Raikkonen - 1.20.715
Alonso - 1.20.741


Brawn GP - FP3 - Silverstone

Another practice session where the Williams team flattered to decieve, Brawn GP continued to try and find the right setup for both Jenson and Rubens:

Rosberg - 1.18.899 - 20 laps
Nakajima - 1.19.102 - 19 laps
Trulli - 1.19.125 - 15 laps
Vettel - 1.19.371 - 15 laps
Massa - 1.19.596 - 19 laps
Raikonnen - 1.19.855 - 13 laps
Glock - 1.19.868 - 19 laps
Alonso - 1.19.917 - 14 laps
Webber - 1.19.946 - 15 laps
Rubens - 1.20.028 - 14 laps
Hamilton - 1.20.048 - 16 laps
Jenson - 1.20.157 - 17 laps
Picquet - 1.20.232 - 18 laps
Bourdais - 1.20.459 - 17 laps
Sutil - 1.20.548 - 15 laps
Fisichella - 1.20.572 - 17 laps
Heikki - 1.20.638 - 18 laps
Heidfeld - 1.20.696 - 20 laps
Buemi - 1.21.024 - 11 laps
Kubica - 1.21.039 - 13 laps


Friday, 19 June 2009

Brawn GP - Todays Storys

As I have no copy and paste options and have to manually type everything in short period of time todays post will be full of links to other articles:

Autosport - Jenson Q&A - www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/76336

Autosport - FIA press conference with Ross Brawn - www.autosport/news/report.php/id/76346

F1-Live - Endplate update picture - www.premium.f1-live.com/f1/photos-hires/2009/gpsilverstone/diapo_628.jpg


Brawn GP - FP2 - Silverstone

Firstly apologies but the computer here in the hotel reception won't allow me to copy and paste so I can't use HTML code to lay out :(

Updates tomorrow will be via the Twitter page and then finally I'll update the blog tomorrow night if time. www.twitter.com/brawngpblog

Driver Time Laps
Vettel - 1.19.456 - 39
Webber - 1.19.597 - 35
Sutil - 1.20.141 - 41
Nakajima - 1.20.209 - 36
Alonso - 1.20.237 - 36
Rubens - 1.20.244 - 26
Hamilton - 1.20.417 - 35
Trulli - 1.20.458 - 40
Rosberg - 1.20.468 - 42
Picquet - 1.20.608 - 37
Kubica - 1.20.622 - 23
Heikki - 1.20.733 - 37
Glock - 1.20.762 - 37
Jenson - 1.20.767 - 28
Heidfeld - 1.20.932 - 35
Bourdais - 1.20.945 - 36
Massa - 1.21.005 - 37
Raikkonen - 1.21.132 - 38
Fisichella - 1.21.413 - 40
Buemi - 1.21.668 - 37


Brawn GP - FP1 - Silverstone

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Vettel 1:19.400 20
2. Webber 1:19.682 + 0.282 19
3. Button 1:20.227 + 0.827 20
4. Barrichello 1:20.242 + 0.842 29
5. Alonso 1:20.458 + 1.058 26
6. Massa 1:20.471 + 1.071 23
7. Trulli 1:20.585 + 1.185 32
8. Hamilton 1:20.650 + 1.250 26
9. Rosberg 1:20.815 + 1.415 32
10. Fisichella 1:20.838 + 1.438 25
11. Sutil 1:20.913 + 1.513 22
12. Kovalainen 1:21.029 + 1.629 22
13. Heidfeld 1:21.103 + 1.703 24
14. Raikkonen 1:21.179 + 1.779 27
15. Bourdais 1:21.384 + 1.984 23
16. Glock 1:21.386 + 1.986 32
17. Nakajima 1:21.489 + 2.089 26
18. Piquet 1:21.525 + 2.125 30
19. Buemi 1:21.590 + 2.190 37
20. Kubica 1:21.801 + 2.401 16

All Timing Unofficial


Brawn GP united with FOTA in decision to form breakaway series.

Last night (Thursday) the FOTA met once again to discuss the future of their teams in F1, as a collective they have decided to withdraw their entries for the 2010 F1 season and form their own breakaway series. The full statement is as follows:

"Since the formation of FOTA last September the teams have worked together and sought to engage the FIA and commercial rights holder, to develop and improve the sport.

"Unprecedented worldwide financial turmoil has inevitably placed great challenges before the F1 community. FOTA is proud that it has achieved the most substantial measures to reduce costs in the history of our sport.

"In particular the manufacturer teams have provided assistance to the independent teams, a number of which would probably not be in the sport today without the FOTA initiatives. The FOTA teams have further agreed upon a substantial voluntary cost reduction that provides a sustainable model for the future.

"Following these efforts all the teams have confirmed to the FIA and the commercial rights holder that they are willing to commit until the end of 2012.

"The FIA and the commercial rights holder have campaigned to divide FOTA.

"The wishes of the majority of the teams are ignored. Furthermore, tens of millions of dollars have been withheld from many teams by the commercial rights holder, going back as far as 2006. Despite this and the uncompromising environment, FOTA has genuinely sought compromise.

"It has become clear however, that the teams cannot continue to compromise on the fundamental values of the sport and have declined to alter their original conditional entries to the 2010 World Championship.

"These teams therefore have no alternative other than to commence the preparation for a new Championship which reflects the values of its participants and partners. This series will have transparent governance, one set of regulations, encourage more entrants and listen to the wishes of the fans, including offering lower prices for spectators worldwide, partners and other important stakeholders.

"The major drivers, stars, brands, sponsors, promoters and companies historically associated with the highest level of motorsport will all feature in this new series."

Statement issued by FOTA on behalf of BMW Sauber, Brawn GP, Scuderia Ferrari, McLaren-Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Toyota


Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brawn GP - Jenson's Silverstone Helmet Design

As usual Jenson will adopt a special helmet for the British GP

A competition was launched at the start of the 2009 season to give Jenson’s fans the opportunity to design a one-off helmet, incorporating a British theme, for Jenson’s home Grand Prix.

After reviewing hundreds of entries, Bernie Zobl’s ‘Push The Button’ design was chosen by Jenson. The design has been carefully applied to his race helmets for the weekend and will make its track debut during the first practice session on Friday 19 June.

Bernie said: “Through an article in one of the Austrian daily newspapers, I read about the opportunity to design a helmet for Jenson. As an enthusiastic F1 fan, I had to grab the chance immediately! The slogan ‘Push the Button’ was my first brainwave and even though my family laughed about its simplicity, Ive held on to it. And as you can see… it has been worth it! Additionally it was important to me to integrate Jenson’s existing logo into my design because of its popularity and recognition value. I am very pleased about winning the competition and can’t wait to see Jenson using ‘my’ helmet in Silverstone.”

Jenson commented: "As my home race, the British Grand Prix is always really special and I love the atmosphere created at Silverstone by the British fans. For the last few years, it has become something of a tradition for me to have a special British themed helmet and this year is no exception. I wanted my fans to be involved so we ran a competition on my website www.jensonbutton.com and chose the winning design by Bernie. What I loved about Bernies design was its unique take on the Union Jack flag and how he had incorporated it into my own Button logo. The helmet looks great and I cant wait to wear it at Silverstone this weekend."


The Guardian on Ross Brawn

A nice piece with a few snippets from Ross the Boss



Brawn GP - Our Silverstone attire

I ordered some T shirts from a good friend of mine that does that sort of thing to show our support for the team and have a cheap plug for the site whilst at it. They are arriving in the morning on a courier just in time for when we leave (Can't make the practice sessions tomorrow unfortunately) He has just sent me over the picture of one of the them. We also have my fiance wearing Jenson 22 and myself with Rubens 23.

The picture is showing the rear of the T Shirt. The front has just the web url.
What do you think?


Jense & Rube's fired up for Silverstone - Brawn GP

With the last GP to be held at Silverstone this weekend both Jense and Rubens reflect and look forward to a GP that has great memories for them both:

"The British Grand Prix is always an amazing weekend and I can't wait to race at Silverstone in front of our home fans on Sunday," said Button in a team preview.

"To be leading the championship going into my home grand prix is something that I've never experienced before and it puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.

"I've raced at Silverstone from some fairly tough positions in the past but the fans have always been so supportive and I'd love to give them a performance that they can really enjoy this weekend.

"We took a good step forward with the balance of our car in Turkey but know that our closest competitors are going to be good in the high-speed corners so it will be an interesting weekend. If we come away with a good result, I'll be so happy on Sunday!"

Button admitted, however, that he is sorry it will be his last race at Silverstone, which will make way for Donington from next year.

"It's strange to think that this might be our last race at Silverstone and I can't imagine not having a British Grand Prix so we'll be going all out to put on a fantastic show."

Team-mate Rubens Barrichello is also fired up for the British race, the Brazilian a big fan of the Silverstone circuit.

"Silverstone is one of my all-time favourite circuits and I absolutely love racing there," he said. "The track is fantastic as it is one of the few remaining on the calendar that are high-speed, fast-flowing and really allow you to let the car go through the quick corners.

"My win here in 2003 was really special and it's fantastic to be returning this year with a car that has the potential to compete for the victory.

"There's a lot of expectation going into the weekend as our team's home grand prix but we will remain calm and just focus on doing the best job that we possibly can."


Monday, 15 June 2009

Brawn GP - Silverstone Updates

To keep Brawn GP competitive the new parts keep on coming, James Allen interviewed Ross earlier today and Ross had this to say about the Silverstone updates:

“We have new front wing endplates for Silverstone and new rear wing, some different chassis settings again which have come from rig work we have done. We’ve got some upgrades over the next few races which should help again.”

The full interview can be found on James's website: http://www.jamesallenonf1.com


FIA vs FOTA the row rumbles on

The FIA and FOTA row still continues to rumble on with neither side conceding to the other. A middle ground must be found soon so development for the 2010 season can start and the new teams can establish what they are aiming for. With the FIA announcing 3 new teams and Williams all have entries along with Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Torro Rosso who are marked as entered (due to contracts) but have already established that they hold firm with the rest of FOTA as they believe their contracts are being contravened. Conditional entries have been placed on the rest of the FOTA teams and a deadline of June 19th has been issued by the FIA for the close of the issue. This means we need to find a resolution to the situation or we may have more entry places passed to new teams. The FIA announced they had 15 entries placed by new teams giving the option of a 50 car grid should they have accepted all entries. This begs the question do the FIA need the FOTA teams and will we end up with a breakaway series?

Ross spoke to Autosport about his thoughts on the subject: Autosport


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Q&A - Ross Brawn

Q. Is Jenson Button as good a driver as you've ever had?

Ross Brawn: I've been very fortunate, obviously, in working with Michael, and I don't want to make comparisons. But he is quite exceptional - very fit, very dedicated, he's got a very nice approach to things. He's a really enjoyable person to work with. And he's incredibly quick. So there's not much else I can add to that.

Q. So he is around Michael's sort of level, without putting them in that order?

RB: I mean, they're not driving together in the same cars, so you can't compare them. But he is quite an exceptional driver, and certainly what he is doing now he deserves, and it's down to his ability.

Q. This car compared with 2004 Ferrari – is this car comparatively superior to the other cars on the grid?

RB: Again, they are very difficult comparisons. But you know when you've got a good car. The thing I am very encouraged by is that the incremental changes we're making are improving the car. This weekend we had a different front wing, changes to the suspension, changes to the wheel covers at the front, and they all seem to have added that little bit of performance that clearly we needed.

So that's very encouraging. And it's a car which is receptive to set-up ... we went the wrong way on Friday with Jenson, but we understand what we did. But it is a very, very good car – it responds well, is entirely predictable, and touch wood, reliable.

Q. You do everything perfect at every race, but Red Bull seem not to be able to deliver when they have the opportunity . Is it slightly disappointing for you that they are not able to take you on?

RB: I don't want to comment on other people's performance. All I know is that it is very fickle, very fine, and when you've got the confidence and when you've got the impetus behind you, you can make it look easy. But it's not. Equally, when it goes wrong, it goes wrong for the smallest reasons. They're trying to catch up, and I know, I've been in their position – when you want to catch someone up, you tend to push the boundaries a bit more.

You can't afford to be conservative; you've got to maybe take a few more risks. Certainly I have been in that position. But when you do that, you do tend to perhaps have more problems than you'd hoped. So it's very fickle, the difference between the sort of performance that we have and perhaps the performance that they had today.

Q. Tonight it must be difficult not to start thinking about the championship?

RB: It's not difficult not to start thinking about it.

Q. You have been in this situation many times – you must instinctively be feeling it?

RB: But you never do. You never engage in those thoughts, because you know that just around the corner something can happen. It can be a retirement, or it can be some other factor. And having had three seasons at Ferrari where we didn't do it, and we got very close to doing it, then I know you simply don't engage in those thoughts until they're done.

Q. What do you think of Red Bull's decision not to favour one driver?

RB: I think it's … I mean, I sat down with Rubens and Jenson today, and we all agreed that they'd be racing each other today. Whichever way it went they'd be racing each other, and I think it's a nice phase of Formula 1 that we've got two drivers that are prepared to do that. So if Rubens had been in front, he'd have finished in front.

Q. Does that go against the way you have always gone about the sport?

RB: Well, I've been lucky enough to win world championships now, and perhaps winning it in a certain way is more important to me.

Q. Are you going to give Jenson any advice?

RB: The advice, quite honestly, is to just keep doing what you're doing. One of they guys asked me today what they should do in the first corner, and I said that as soon as we get that into their thoughts, we have a problem. So all you can do is leave them. If they've made mistakes, you sit down and work out, a bad mistake, and what you need to do. But otherwise you just leave them alone. He's driving so well that there's nothing I can add to his performance.

Q. Would you rather end the season having lost because you gave both drivers a fair chance?

RB: I think there's phases. I think there's phases early in the season where you can't identify one driver one way or the other, and I think you should let the season run. Undoubtedly you may reach a phase towards the end where you have to make decisions, and we'll make those decisions if we have to. But at this stage there's no need and no wish to make those decisions.


Q&A - Rubens Barrichello

Q. Was it the same problem you had in Melbourne what hit you at the start?

Rubens Barrichello: Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing. I had a clutch problem. There was no bite. Basically when I dumped the clutch the car didn't move forward. So when there's no bite it went into anti-stall, obviously. For me to recover from that was a big drama, because you are all set to go. I saw Jenson saying that he had a fantastic car, and I had it too. I went most of the race flat through turn eight and it was a great feeling.

But my problem was that we got it completely wrong on the seventh gear. I was on the limiter out of turn eight and before I turned right into the straight, so I couldn't overtake anyone. I'm sure Jenson was on the limiter too, but he was in clear air. I had people in front and it was a joke. I had to risk. I couldn't do anything. In the end they saw very high temperatures on the gearbox and they said it might seize so eventually I had to come in.

Q. How disappointing it is from a championship point of view?

RB: It's very disappointing. All the talk today was how Jenson could recover from losing the position to me at the start, because basically the evidence said that I could overtake him because I had more grip on my side. And having the anti-stall at the start, something I can't do anything about, and then not be able to use all the strength of the car is extremely disappointing.

Q. Ross said before the race that you were free to race.

RB: It's more frustrating for that. I didn't have clean air during the whole race. The only positive that I'm going to take out of this race is that I fought my way until the very end. Because people could think that since I couldn't win I stopped in the pits. But I knew I had some chance of getting back into the points. It was just frustrating that I was having that limiter for some five seconds on the straight. It was really wrong.

Q. What was the point of Brawn telling you and Jenson you are free to race?

RB: We both want to win, and I wanted to understand if after the second pitstop we had to be careful and reduce the revs. So we both went into Ross's office and explained the case to him. It was very good from Jenson, very good from me, very good from Ross. It was different than in my Ferrari times, so I felt very good. I felt it was a good day to get back some of the points but unfortunately there is happiness on Jenson's face but not on mine.

Q. Do you feel better that you are allowed to race freely?

RB: Yeah, for six years I couldn't, so now that I can, I do.

Q. The momentum seems to be on the other side of the garage, how hard is it to stop that?

RB: It takes one second. It takes really one second. With all my experience I'm very cool. Basically right now I'm pissed off with the situation but tomorrow is another day and Silverstone is a great track for me and I will go there and try to win the race.

Q. Are you still open regarding the championship?

RB: Yeah, until it's mathematically (possible). Tomorrow is another day. I'm very disappointed with the situation because it was out of my hands.

Q. Silverstone seems like the ideal place to win.

RB: Yeah, I love the place, I love the track. I just don't want to do the race. I want the hat trick. I want everything. I want fastest lap, pole position... I have to look ahead. Jenson is very illuminated at this point. He's taking all the opportunities, sort of in a Michael (Schumacher) kind of way, because things are opening right in front of him without much of a problem. At one point there will be a drop and I want to be there to conquer.

I cannot see him winning all the races of the season. So whenever he doesn't win, it's time for me to conquer.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Six out of 7 for Jenson, Can he be stopped?


Jenson with yet another steller drive at Istanbul to take another race win and take his point tally to 61 and extending Brawn GP's Championship lead by 39.5 points from Red Bull Racing.
A mistake by Vettel on the opening lap gave Jenson the lead and the opportunity to charge away in the opening sequence. Red bull decided to compromise Vettels race further by placing him on a 3 stop strategy compared to his team mates 2 stop allowing Webber to jump him during the pit stops. Vettels strategy issues were further compounded by Vettel coming up behind Jenson and not being able to put a move on him.
This all helps Jenson in his campaign for the Championship with Webber getting a bigger haul of points than his RBR counterpart.
Not such a great day for Rubens having ended up in anti stall off the grid and dropping from 3rd to 13th. Rubens then had a clash with Adrian Sutil getting frustrated at his clearly much faster pace. Rubens race was totally destroyed when he announced over the radio that he was racing without 7th gear and seems to be the reason for his retirement near the end of the race.


The Turkish Grand Prix
Istanbul, Turkey;
58 laps; 309.396km;
Weather: Sunny.


Pos Driver Time

1. Button 1h26:24.848
2. Webber + 6.714
3. Vettel + 7.461
4. Trulli + 27.843
5. Rosberg + 31.539
6. Massa + 39.996
7. Kubica + 46.247
8. Glock + 46.959
9. Raikkonen + 50.246
10. Alonso + 1:02.420
11. Heidfeld + 1:04.327
12. Nakajima + 1:06.376
13. Hamilton + 1:20.454
14. Kovalainen + 1 lap
15. Buemi + 1 lap
16. Piquet + 1 lap
17. Sutil + 1 lap
18. Bourdais + 1 lap

Fastest lap: Button, 1:27.579

Not classified/retirements:

Driver Team On lap

Barrichello Brawn GP-Mercedes (B) 49
Fisichella Force India-Mercedes (B) 5

All timing unofficial


Saturday, 6 June 2009

Brawn GP - Car Weights - Istanbul

Pos Driver Weight (kg)

1. Sebastian Vettel 649.5
2. Jenson Button 655.5
3. Rubens Barrichello 652.5

4. Mark Webber 656.0
5. Jarno Trulli 652.0
6. Kimi Raikkonen 658.0
7. Felipe Massa 654.0
8. Fernando Alonso 644.5
9. Nico Rosberg 660.0
10. Robert Kubica 664.0
11. Nick Heidfeld 681.5*
12. Kazuki Nakajima 680.4*
13. Timo Glock 689.0*
14. Heikki Kovalainen 665.0*
15. Adrian Sutil 668.5*
16. Lewis Hamilton 696.5*
17. Nelson Piquet 689.6*
18. Sebastien Buemi 686.5*
19. Giancarlo Fisichella 688.5*
20. Sebastien Bourdais 701.0*

* declared weight


Brawn GP - Qualifying - Istanbul

Another great session from BGP with Jense taking 2nd and Rube's 3rd splitting the 2 Red Bull's. At one stage the top six could have ended in several different ways. Closest KERS equipped car is Kimi back in sixth for the grid start.

Pos Driver Q1 Q2 Q3

1. Vettel 1:27.330 1:27.016 1:28.316
2. Button 1:27.355 1:27.230 1:28.421
3. Barrichello 1:27.371 1:27.418 1:28.579
4. Webber 1:27.466 1:27.416 1:28.613
5. Trulli 1:27.529 1:27.195 1:28.666
6. Raikkonen 1:27.556 1:27.387 1:28.815
7. Massa 1:27.508 1:27.349 1:28.858
8. Alonso 1:27.988 1:27.473 1:29.075
9. Rosberg 1:27.517 1:27.418 1:29.191
10. Kubica 1:27.788 1:27.455 1:29.357
11. Heidfeld 1:27.795 1:27.521
12. Nakajima 1:27.691 1:27.629
13. Glock 1:28.160 1:27.795
14. Kovalainen 1:28.199 1:28.207
15. Sutil 1:28.278 1:28.391
16. Hamilton 1:28.318
17. Piquet 1:28.582
18. Buemi 1:28.708
19. Fisichella 1:28.717
20. Bourdais 1:28.918

All Timing Unofficial


Brawn GP - Free Practice 3 - Istanbul

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Massa 1:27.983 26
2. Trulli 1:28.022 + 0.039 21
3. Glock 1:28.094 + 0.111 23
4. Nakajima 1:28.122 + 0.139 19
5. Kubica 1:28.320 + 0.337 20
6. Barrichello 1:28.332 + 0.349 21
7. Button 1:28.360 + 0.377 19
8. Rosberg 1:28.364 + 0.381 19
9. Raikkonen 1:28.415 + 0.432 16
10. Vettel 1:28.451 + 0.468 18
11. Piquet 1:28.503 + 0.520 15
12. Hamilton 1:28.563 + 0.580 19
13. Webber 1:28.678 + 0.695 18
14. Heidfeld 1:28.715 + 0.732 19
15. Kovalainen 1:28.738 + 0.755 19
16. Sutil 1:29.050 + 1.067 18
17. Bourdais 1:29.076 + 1.093 19
18. Buemi 1:29.167 + 1.184 21
19. Alonso 1:29.261 + 1.278 15
20. Fisichella 1:29.421 + 1.438 17

All timing unofficial


Friday, 5 June 2009

Brawn GP - Free Practice 2 - Istanbul

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Kovalainen 1:28.841 37
2. Alonso 1:28.847 + 0.006 35
3. Kubica 1:29.056 + 0.215 35
4. Nakajima 1:29.091 + 0.250 37
5. Vettel 1:29.202 + 0.361 4
6. Trulli 1:29.207 + 0.366 40
7. Rosberg 1:29.257 + 0.416 40
8. Barrichello 1:29.305 + 0.464 34
9. Webber 1:29.383 + 0.542 39
10. Piquet 1:29.401 + 0.560 38
11. Massa 1:29.416 + 0.575 37
12. Button 1:29.430 + 0.589 32
13. Hamilton 1:29.435 + 0.594 31
14. Glock 1:29.518 + 0.677 40
15. Raikkonen 1:29.520 + 0.679 33
16. Heidfeld 1:29.550 + 0.709 40
17. Sutil 1:30.081 + 1.240 32
18. Fisichella 1:30.091 + 1.250 37
19. Bourdais 1:30.295 + 1.454 39
20. Buemi 1:30.629 + 1.788 36

All Timing Unofficial


Brawn GP - Free Practice 1 - Istanbul

Usual sort of FP1 for BGP just refining the setup.

Pos Driver Time Laps

1. Rosberg 1:28.952 24
2. Hamilton 1:29.263 + 0.311 23
3. Trulli 1:29.271 + 0.319 26
4. Vettel 1:29.337 + 0.385 17
5. Massa 1:29.342 + 0.390 22
6. Nakajima 1:29.371 + 0.419 21
7. Raikkonen 1:29.398 + 0.446 24
8. Alonso 1:29.422 + 0.470 24
9. Barrichello 1:29.525 + 0.573 24
10. Kovalainen 1:29.590 + 0.638 19
11. Button 1:29.747 + 0.795 20
12. Sutil 1:29.864 + 0.912 21
13. Glock 1:29.934 + 0.982 25
14. Piquet 1:30.132 + 1.180 18
15. Webber 1:30.176 + 1.224 21
16. Kubica 1:30.645 + 1.693 22
17. Heidfeld 1:30.689 + 1.737 19
18. Fisichella 1:30.729 + 1.777 22
19. Bourdais 1:30.838 + 1.886 24
20. Buemi 1:30.944 + 1.992 25

All Timing Unofficial


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Brawn GP - Turkey GP Preview

With the exception of the FIA vs FOTA battle F1 news has been a little thin on the ground. This should all change over the next few days with F1 arriving in Turkey for the Istanbul Park GP.

Istanbul Park is another Hermann Tilke design that features many high speed corners. The team have been working hard to bring additional updates to the BGP001 for Istanbul due to these demands Updates are coming in the form of a new front wing design and additional aero upgrades tied in with some suspension updates.


Q. How is the team feeling after the fantastic result in Monaco and now looking ahead to Turkey

“After a week back at the factory in Brackley to reflect on our successes in Monaco, the team is now looking forward to our next challenge at the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul this weekend. The Monaco Grand Prix was a wonderful weekend with Jenson and Rubens, the team and our engine partner Mercedes-Benz, performing at the top of their game to bring home our third one-two finish of the season. However Monaco is a unique track and we know that our competitors will be very strong in Turkey this weekend. Development work on the BGP 001 car has continued apace at the factory and we will be bringing a new front wing to Turkey along with some aerodynamic updates and new rear suspension elements. Istanbul Park is a thoroughly modern race track which presents an interesting engineering challenge to get the best out of the car through the high-speed sections and the slower turns at the end of the lap. It’s hard to believe that we are already over a third of the way through this season and it’s been a very intense but immensely rewarding start for the Brawn GP team.”


Q. What do you enjoy about the Turkish Grand Prix

“The Turkish Grand Prix is always a race that I look forward to as I really enjoy driving the Istanbul Park circuit and have been quite competitive there in the past. Hermann Tilke did a great job with the layout of the track here and the changes in gradient are great fun and quite challenging for the drivers. We’ve seen some excellent racing at Istanbul Park with good overtaking opportunities at turns one and three. You can also pass down the hill into turn nine and at turns twelve and thirteen if you brake late enough and get it just right. Turn eight is obviously the corner that everyone talks about and it’s probably the longest corner that I’ve ever driven. It’s quite high G-force, up to 5G for seven seconds, which puts a lot of stress on your neck. You have to be as smooth as possible through the triple apex and if you get it right and take it flat, then it is one of those corners where you exit with a huge smile having made up a lot of time.”


Q. What are the particular characteristics of the Istanbul Park circuit

“Istanbul Park is quite a challenging circuit as it is one of very few tracks which runs anti-clockwise, just like my home circuit of Interlagos in Sao Paulo. It’s tough driving an anti-clockwise track as the muscles on that side of your neck aren’t used as much throughout the year so we do some extra training to prepare as some of the quickest corners at Istanbul Park are also left-handers. The lap itself has a nice flow allowing you to find a good rhythm and the highlight is the high-speed turn eight which is a quick and blind triple apex corner with the additional challenge of some very bumpy tarmac. The circuit is one of the best modern tracks on the calendar and I have been very impressed since we started racing here in 2005. The facilities are fantastic but most importantly from a drivers’ point of view the track has produced some really good races.”

Istanbul Park Stats

Circuit Length: 5.338km
Race Distance: 309.396km
Number of Laps: 58

Full Throttle: 62
Brake Wear: Medium
Tyre Compounds: Soft / Hard
Downforce Level: Medium 6/10
Tyre Usage: Medium / Hard
Average Speed: 220kph 137mph


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