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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Situation Diffused Finally - Brawn GP

So what does this mean now?

It means that while the others have been objecting against the BGP design but still pushing on to build their own varients we have been busy carrying on with our own developments. While the team has been racing out East the team back at Brackley will have been readying a raft of developments for Barcelona. Although the Merc package was a better fit than its Ferrari counterpart it was still a design compromise. The team will have been working to negate any differences caused by the retro fit of the engine and also utilise any advantages the Merc engine brings. Cooling has been mentioned by the team as a way to extract more time, although are sidepods are already quite radical compared to the competition the new varients are said to take this even further. Balance will be another key factor with the engine being positioned more favourably now that more time has been able to be spent on setup.

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