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Thursday, 30 April 2009

FIA Budget Cap for 2010 - Brawn GP

So the FIA have decided that the cap is to be set at £40 million for 2010.

Lots of rules to consider, most notable among these is that engine costs will not be included in the budget capped expenditure for 2010.
Also excluded from the budget cap are marketing and hospitality, driver pay, fines and penalties imposed by the FIA, anything that teams can demonstrate has no influence on its on-track performance and dividends paid from profits relating to participation in the championship. The FIA will allow those teams that sign up to the budget cap to have increased technical freedom to make it easier to compete with the uncapped teams. This includes adjustable front and rear wings as well as an engine that can run without a rev limit. In addition, the budget cap teams will be allowed unlimited testing outside of the racing season, and will not be restricted by the wind tunnel scale and speed stipulations.
The FIA have also announced that the ban on in race refuelling will come into force fo 2010 and the maximum number of cars allowed on grid is increased to 26 from 24 paving the way for 3 new teams.

All very interesting as this will force even the likes of Ferrari and McLaren to think about the cap

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