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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Diffuser debate

The diffuser situation is going to rage on until the hearing on the 14th but reports are that another team will join the other 3 teams in Sepang to bring into question the design of the diffusers seen on the Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota cars. Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull Racing all lodged complaints against BGP, Williams and Toyota over the legality of the rear end design of the car, namely the crash structure and diffuser. Ferrari, Renault and RBR believe that the diffusers break the regulations as they form what is being classed as a double decker diffuser. BMW couldn't make their complaint stand at Melbourne under a technicality and so are assumed to be the other team joining the row. I ask though why are Torro Rosso not complaining? You would have thought as sister team to RBR they would be encouraged to throw their weight behind the situation too. However think about how the RBR and Torro Rosso designs differ and should the hearing go in favour of Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota the Torro Rosso team would seem to be able to impliment the diffuser arrangement more easily than RBR.

Personally my inteprtation of what is happening/going to happen will be down to the sporting regulations as dimensionally these diffusers are legal (as was decided in Melbourne) The sporting regulations however will come into play as this years regulations were designed to reduce the 'wake' of the car to the following car to enable more overtaking. Should the FIA decide that the 'wake' being produced by these diffusers is detrimental to overtaking I foresee them being banned.

An interesting picture I found (above the post) of Ruben's car after the Heikki incident shows the level of damage done to the rear diffuser. Couple this with the damage to the front wing endplate and Rubens should surely have just dropped to the rear of the pack. He didn't and in my opinion this shows that the BGP001 package in general is a quick one.

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