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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Brawn GP - D Day (Diffuser Day)

For weeks speculation concerning the rear end aero of the Brawn GP, Williams and Toyota cars have been causing a stir around the paddock. The diffuser has been the central focus of the argument and its effect on downforce (claimed to be an extra 20% by many) It is not only the diffuser that makes the downforce but the way the floor and forward leading aero has also been developed on the cars in question. These teams found a loophole in the regulations that allowed slots in the floor to feed a seperate channel in the diffuser to create the extra downforce. This in turn will not only help these teams corner faster but will help with tyre degredation. The FIA have a tough task at hand as the cars have already passed through scrutineering at both Melbourne and Sepang succesfully. By definition it appears that the teams are within the letter of the law, but some of the other teams still cry foul play claiming that the diffuser/floor designs are not within 'the spirit' of the rules. I have to say that the spirit of the rules to me cannot exist? If it's not written down does that mean it can still be applied? Perhaps Bernie's medal system is still in existance as its within the spirit of the rules? Perhaps these teams believe in Santa Claus or Ghosts? When they refer to the 'spirit of the rules' they are saying that amongst the teams/FIA there is an unwritten code that prohibits designs that cause a detrimental effect to other teams. Perhaps Michael Schumacher should have been banned from driving under the 'spirit of the rules' then. One way or another someone will be drastically out of pocket and i'm sure if not this season the gaps in the rules will be tidied up for next year. If BGP, Williams and Toyota are allowed to continue with the Diffuser and the others have to catch several seem to have adapted designs ready for China but the others will be playing catchup. On the other hand BGP, Williams and Toyota could be told to remove them which would also be a costly exercise unless they have pre thought this scenario and developed another solution (I believe BGP have).

As soon as I hear the news, I will post here.

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