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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Brawn GP Race Review - Shanghai, China

Another great result in qualifying by Rubens & Jenson taking 4th & 5th respectively and following on later news that the positions were vindicated with Vettel, Alonso and Webber all carrying much less fuel to the grid. Hopes were high that with the strategy in place and the BGP performing at a great pace that the pair may be able to slip forward throughout the race. Sunday came and so did the rain along with another safety car. A procession of cars followed the safety car around the first 8 laps all desperately trying to keep some heat in the tyres. All the time behind the safety car Alonso's race was being compromised as his first stint was only to take him to around lap 10. Lewis was the 1st to make a move, taking a place off of Kimi in the first real lap of the race. Vettel with a clean road ahead and no spray immediately began to pull away from the pack, pulling out a 2.4 sec lead over 2nd place Webber. Lap 10 and Lewis has hauled in Jarno and puts a brave move in just lightly touching the grass before the corner. Lap 11 and Lewis dropped off the road and seemingly couldn't get the car back upto operating speed too quickly. Buemi put a move on Kimi and next to do the same thing was Felipe baby on Kimi. It wasn't long before everyone was overtaking Trulli as he slid further down the pack. Lap 14 and Webber made his 1st stop luckily for him he emerged just in front of Trulli and the train of cars in his wake. Next lap in and Vettel made his scheduled stop taking just over a second less in the box to stay in front of his team mate. Lap 17 and Robert Kubica decided to mount Jarno Trulli's Toyota coming into the last corner totally finishing Jarno's race. This left a huge amount of carbon fibre littering the circuit at this turn so once again the safety car ventured out onto the circuit. BGP took the opportunity to make both drivers pit stops before everyone caught upto the back of the safety car. Vettel and Buemi both had a lucky escape slowing down for the safety car when Buemi ran into the back of Vettel taking off his front wing. Whilst the safety car was out Felipe came to a grinding halt out on track it is believed he had an electrical problem. Lap 22 and we were back under way and Vettel soon started to pull away again. Jenson and Webber then began sparring for 2nd place with each driver dropping the car in corners and being over taken by the other. Webbers car in the wet was behaving much better than Jenson's and finally he overtook Jenson on the outside of turn 3 from there in Jenson tried his hardest to stay with Webber but couldn't keep pace with the RB5. Having now made his 2nd stop and Jenson still only having stopped once Vettel was once again coming to overtake showing the RB5's superior pace at Shanghai in the wet. Lap 42 saw Jenson making his 2nd stop whic put him back into 4th behind Vettel, Webber and Rosberg with the latter being out of sequence. With 6 laps to go Sutil got the car a little sideways between corners and ploughed into the barrier taking the front end off the Force India.
With the chequered flag falling Sebastian Vettel took a maiden win for Red Bull Racing followed by Mark Webber followed by both BGP001's of Jenson (3rd) and Rubens (4th). I must just say congratulations to Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber and the whole Red Bull Racing team for their first GP win. A great result for BGP once again with the weather compromising the strategy and both Jenson and Rubens driving excellently to pick up the points/positions they did.

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