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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Rubens Barrichello - BRAWNGP - Team

Rubens is probably best known for his time at Ferrari but he is far from a 1 dimensional character and is now the most experienced driver in the F1 field with 267 starts. Another driver that started out in Karting he started his Formula career in 1990 in the Vauxhall Lotus series in which he won at the first asking a feat he followed in 1991 in the British Formula 3 championship in 1992 he nearly entered F1 but decided to compete in Formula 3000 and finished 3rd.

1993 Rubens joined Jordan unfortunately the Jordan was unreliable and suffered badly towards the end of most races. He finished 18th in the Championship and scored 3 points (Scored in Japan ending the race in 5th)

1994 Continuing at Jordan, Rubens was in great shape at the start of the season scoring a 4th place on home soil (Brazil) and his first career podium at Aida (3rd). However at the next race San Marino, Rubens career was nearly ended when he suffered a violent crash in Friday practice. This was a very unfortunate weekend for F1 as both Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna both crashed and died. Rubens continued to score points throughout the rest of the season taking 4th place in Britain, Italy, Portugal and Australia to leave him with 19 points and 6th place in the Championship.

1995 Again at Jordan, The Jordan was even less reliable than the 94 season and Rubens struggled to bring the car home on 9 weekends. Notably in Canada Rubens climbed the podium with a 2nd place finish. He scored the rest of that seasons points (11) in France and Germany with 6th place finishes. He finished the season in 11th position.

1996 To be Rubens last season with Jordan, the team were optimistic that their fate could change as they brought on board new sponsorship and took over the works peugeot contract from McLaren. Struggling once again with the cars consistency when the car managed to survive the race he gained points in all but 2 races and completed the season with 14 points and 8th in the Championship.

1997 Rubens made the switch to Stewart a team in it's Rookie season and this showed by the poor consistency from the car's performance. The stand out performance came at Monaco where Rubens bought the Stewart home in 2nd. It would be his only points paying position of the year with only 2 other finishes in Italy and Austria. He finished the season in 13th with 6 points

1998 Another lacklustre Stewart left him with only 5 finishes 2 of which he piloted to 5th (Spain & Canada) scoring 4 points for the season and placing him 12th in Championship.

1999 The team had finally produced a decent car for Rubens to score points. He had 3 3rd place finishes at San Marino, France and the European GP with a spattering of points paying positions throughout the rest of the season. He steered the car to 7th in the Championship and 21 points.

2000 Was Rubens maiden year with Ferrari and he joined up with Michael Schumacher who he had been racing against since his inception to F1 in 93. It was a great years for Rubens topped only by his maiden F1 win at the German GP. He made 9 trips to the podium scoring 62 points along the way giving him 4th position in the Championship.

2001 Another great season at Ferrari for Rubens but the top spot eluded him this year with 10 trips to the podium scoring 56 points along the way and finishing 3rd in the Championship.

2002 For Rubens great season with 4 wins and 10 podium finishes in all, without his 3 retirements and DNS he may have had some challenge to the rampant Schumacher. He scored 77 points and finished 2nd in the Championship. The talking point of the year was when at Austria Ruben's let Michael pass to take the victory on the start/finish straight. This was the end of team orders from here in.

2003 Again at Ferrari, Rubens had wins at both Silverstone and Suzuka, he climbed the podium a further 6 times that season to accumulate a Tally of 65 points and 4th in the Championship.

2004 Another staggering year for Rubens with wins at Italy and China and podiums at 14 races in total. He scored an Almighty 114 points and was only eclipsed by his team mate Schumacher to take 2nd position.

2005 To be Rubens last at Ferrari, the Ferrari struggled this year with it's Bridgestone tyres as the Michelin teams seemed to have more of the rub of it. With 4 podiums he scored 38 points and finished 8th in the Championship.

2006 Rubens joined Honda Racing F1 and teamed with Jenson Button. Rubens struggled with the car initially as it didn't suit his driving style, once some modifications were made to the braking system he became more at home with the car. Rubens scored 30 points and took 7th place in the Championship.

2007 Was a bad year for Honda and this reflected in Rubens pace/finishes. He scored no points in 07 but managed to finish all but 2 races. His best position of the season was at Silverstone where he finished 9th.

2008 Another lacklustre Honda for 08 but still Rubens plugged away only retiring 3 times. He finished 6th in the first race of the season but was later Disqualified for ignoring a red light exiting the pit lane. He made a stand out performance at Silverstone in the soaking rain where his experience shone through. It seemed at first I was the only Honda fan in Beckett's realising what Rubens was achieving, shouting every lap he progressed and beating the odds but others soon realised and a giant cheer went up every time he came around. He finished 3rd at Silverstone and collected further points at Monaco and Canada to bring home 11 points and 14th in the Championship.

2009 The most experienced head in the field demonstrated by his tyre decision made at Silverstone in 08. Rubens will undoubtedly bring great things to BRAWNGP .

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