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Saturday, 7 March 2009

History of BRAWN GP

A little insight into a team that has had many guises and can be traced back all the way to 1968.

Tyrrell Racing had been around in Formula 2 & 3 since 1958 but in 1968 they made the leap to F1. Tyrrell won 1 Constructor's Championship (1971) and helped Jackie Stewart win 3 Drivers Championships (1969,1971 & 1973). Unfortunately for Tyrrell this was to be last Championships the team would win, although they did win many other GP's. In 1997 the team was purchased by British American Tobacco and so completed it's last season as Tyrrell in 1998.

BAR (British American Racing) 1999 and the team had managed to lure Jacques Villeneuve into the driving seat for their maiden season. The team were using the Supertec engines. 99 was a disatorous start for BAR with Jacques not even managing to finish in the first 11 races. Zonta his team mate was injured for 3 races of the season, while sidelined Mika Salo filled in and managed their best result of 99 with a 7th place. 2000 was the first time the partnership of Honda showed through with them now supplying the engines. It wasn't until 2004 that BAR really started to show promise with both Jenson Button and Takuma Sato at the wheel. Button and Sato brought BAR in at 2nd come the end of the season mainly due to Jensons regular visit to the podium (10) and a score of 85. Button himself finished 3rd in the Championship that year. In November 2004 Honda bought a 45% share of the BAR team which was in 2005 increased to the full 100% and Honda Racing was born. 2005 was a poor year for BAR and they managed just 6th in the constructers championship.

Honda Racing F1 with Honda now owning 100% of the team things should have looked up, 2006 and they were said to have the most powerful engine in the field. This means nothing if all the other components don't add up leaving Honda down in 4th in the Constructors table. 2007 saw the new 'Earth Dreams' livery which was devoid of sponsors and tried to convey a green message. Whilst everyone else had worked extensivly on aerodynamics it appears Honda's 2007 car was rather lacking and suffered because of this with the team only managing 8th in the constructors championship. 2008 saw a continuation of the Button & Barichello partnership with Ross Brawn of previous Ferrari and Bennetton famebecoming team principle. 2008 was yet another dreadful year with focus being switched mid season to the 09 car to get ahead of the other teams. With 08 being such a dreadful year and the world in middle of recession Honda decided to try and move the team on. After months of speculation about different buyers/backers it was finally a management buy out that has saved the team, which bring us to the latest incarnation:

BRAWN GP the name says it all really as Ross was spearheading the management buy out. 09 will be an interesting one for BRAWN GP as although under Honda it had commenced development for 09 way back in 08 it now has to redevelop the car to take on board the Mercedes engine it will now use instead. Fingers crossed for a helf decent season and that the team can find some decent sponsorship to carry them over into 2010.

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