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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Brawn GP - Qualifying - Barcelona

Yet another nail biting qualifying session for Brawn GP. Rubens set the early pace in Q3 leaving everyone a tough challenge to beat. Vettel managed to pip Rubens time and that left only Jenson the chance to post a quicker time, not before making my nails even shorter only managing to get another lap in crossing the line with mere seconds to run.

Pos Driver Q1 Q2 Q3

1. Button 1:20.707 1:20.192 1:20.527
2. Vettel 1:20.715 1:20.220 1:20.660
3. Barrichello 1:20.808 1:19.954 1:20.762
4. Massa 1:20.484 1:20.149 1:20.934
5. Webber 1:20.689 1:20.007 1:21.049
6. Glock 1:20.877 1:20.107 1:21.247
7. Trulli 1:21.189 1:20.420 1:21.254
8. Alonso 1:21.186 1:20.509 1:21.392
9. Rosberg 1:20.745 1:20.256 1:22.558
10. Kubica 1:20.931 1:20.408 1:22.685
11. Nakajima 1:20.818 1:20.531
12. Piquet 1:21.128 1:20.604
13. Heidfeld 1:21.095 1:20.676
14. Hamilton 1:20.991 1:20.805
15. Buemi 1:21.033 1:21.067
16. Raikkonen 1:21.291
17. Bourdais 1:21.300
18. Kovalainen 1:21.675
19. Sutil 1:21.742
20. Fisichella 1:22.204

Jenson had this to say during the post qually interview:

"It could have gone very, very wrong," said Button. "We timed it quite well but I had Kubica who I thought was on an out lap and I had to let him past.

"The guys said you had four seconds less than a proper lap time to get across the line in time. I got across the line just with a couple of seconds to spare - it was more luck than judgement.

"It was the best lap of my weekend. I had been having some trouble with this guy low fuel but I got the lap on the high fuel.

"I am very happy and it is a bit of a surprise in a way, when I heard Shov's voice on the radio it felt pretty good."

As soon as the race weights are declared I will upload them for you. Also in the post qualifying press conference Rubens was wearing a baseball cap with Duracell on the front. Maybe another sponsorship tie in on the cards.

I've also added some more pictures to the photo gallery for Barcelona: Barcelona Gallery Post

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