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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Q&A - Rubens Barrichello

Q. Was it the same problem you had in Melbourne what hit you at the start?

Rubens Barrichello: Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing. I had a clutch problem. There was no bite. Basically when I dumped the clutch the car didn't move forward. So when there's no bite it went into anti-stall, obviously. For me to recover from that was a big drama, because you are all set to go. I saw Jenson saying that he had a fantastic car, and I had it too. I went most of the race flat through turn eight and it was a great feeling.

But my problem was that we got it completely wrong on the seventh gear. I was on the limiter out of turn eight and before I turned right into the straight, so I couldn't overtake anyone. I'm sure Jenson was on the limiter too, but he was in clear air. I had people in front and it was a joke. I had to risk. I couldn't do anything. In the end they saw very high temperatures on the gearbox and they said it might seize so eventually I had to come in.

Q. How disappointing it is from a championship point of view?

RB: It's very disappointing. All the talk today was how Jenson could recover from losing the position to me at the start, because basically the evidence said that I could overtake him because I had more grip on my side. And having the anti-stall at the start, something I can't do anything about, and then not be able to use all the strength of the car is extremely disappointing.

Q. Ross said before the race that you were free to race.

RB: It's more frustrating for that. I didn't have clean air during the whole race. The only positive that I'm going to take out of this race is that I fought my way until the very end. Because people could think that since I couldn't win I stopped in the pits. But I knew I had some chance of getting back into the points. It was just frustrating that I was having that limiter for some five seconds on the straight. It was really wrong.

Q. What was the point of Brawn telling you and Jenson you are free to race?

RB: We both want to win, and I wanted to understand if after the second pitstop we had to be careful and reduce the revs. So we both went into Ross's office and explained the case to him. It was very good from Jenson, very good from me, very good from Ross. It was different than in my Ferrari times, so I felt very good. I felt it was a good day to get back some of the points but unfortunately there is happiness on Jenson's face but not on mine.

Q. Do you feel better that you are allowed to race freely?

RB: Yeah, for six years I couldn't, so now that I can, I do.

Q. The momentum seems to be on the other side of the garage, how hard is it to stop that?

RB: It takes one second. It takes really one second. With all my experience I'm very cool. Basically right now I'm pissed off with the situation but tomorrow is another day and Silverstone is a great track for me and I will go there and try to win the race.

Q. Are you still open regarding the championship?

RB: Yeah, until it's mathematically (possible). Tomorrow is another day. I'm very disappointed with the situation because it was out of my hands.

Q. Silverstone seems like the ideal place to win.

RB: Yeah, I love the place, I love the track. I just don't want to do the race. I want the hat trick. I want everything. I want fastest lap, pole position... I have to look ahead. Jenson is very illuminated at this point. He's taking all the opportunities, sort of in a Michael (Schumacher) kind of way, because things are opening right in front of him without much of a problem. At one point there will be a drop and I want to be there to conquer.

I cannot see him winning all the races of the season. So whenever he doesn't win, it's time for me to conquer.

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